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Online Textbook Classified Market
July 26, 2009, 11:54 pm
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To gain a good knowledge needs a lot of efforts to achieve. Different ways can be taken to improve our knowledge like going school, having a tutor or reading books. All those need money and it does not come in cheap. To do all those, we need good reliable text books as our source of information. Using an online classified textbook can become another alternative to get cheaper textbooks.

Good text books can cost from $ 50 to $ 200 each. Therefore, we need to have another alternative in getting cheaper text books. Sometimes, We can get the same books with a cheaper price in other countries. The reasons are that they have a different exchange rate and cheaper labour costs. To travel to other countries just to buy some books is not a feasible choice and that will cost more than if we buy the book in our country. We can take an advantage of an online classified textbook which will help you to find the right online bookstore. In this way, we can just select the books that we want and pay them with our credit cards or pay pal account with less costs and efforts.


July 14, 2009, 3:08 pm
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Many ways to advertise our stuff whether it is online or using words of mouth. It is very important that our ads should be able to be noticed by our target markets easily. Different techniques can be used to attract our target markets such as creating an interesting phrase or using a good colour combination.

Classified ads will help in letting our target markets know that our compay or products exist. Therefore, our sales will definitely increase tremendously. However, it will come at a certain cost to create our classified ads. Different locations or sizes in the newspapers cost differently. Ensure that the spaces in our classified ads are use properly to save costs. It is easy to create classified ads as long as we know who our target markets are so that we can tell them our competitive advantages which attract their attention.

Textbook classifieds
May 26, 2009, 3:03 pm
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University’s textbooks are considered very expensive. The price could range from 50 dollars up to 150 dollars. This is one of the many factors why university education has become out of reach for many people. Each student must have at least 3 books each semester to ensure that they would be able to follow the university’s syllabus and do their homeworks.

Some people argue that the cost of education can be reduced by making smart choices such as buying secondhand textbooks. These secondhand textbooks can be found anywhere for example; in the textbook classified ads in any newspapers or any free online classifieds. The price of these second hand textbooks will cost around 30 to 70 dollars depending on the market price and the condition of the textbook itself.

In this textbook classifieds, different textbooks can be found and the buyers are usually able to negotiate the price with the seller of the book. Thus, buying secondhand textbooks through textbook classifieds is the best way to reduce the education costs.

Online safety with classifieds
May 18, 2009, 12:55 pm
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When posting an ad on any form of classified as the advertiser or seller you have to provide at least one contact phone number, email, or address. By doing this you are potentially exposing yourself to spam emails or prank calls. It is highly recommended that this contact number or email is one that could easily be replaced or ditched in case this does happen. Not many advertisers include a landline, unless they are an established business with a phone line dedicated to the daily business enquiries. The best option is to set up an email with a free provider separate to your personal email in order to deal with enquiries if you are selling something, this email can be easily replaced or ditched if people do decide to play any games. If you do use your personal email and it gets filled with spam, then you may be forced to abandon it and open a new email account. This may lead to you loosing your favourite email address. Remember that either advertising in newspaper classifieds can be easily as risky as online, so taking the appropriate precautions is the best way of preventing any problems.

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Free online classified ads
April 14, 2009, 10:07 am
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A classified is a form of an advertising where you can buy and sell your goods or services. There are several ways to advertise your stuff; it can be done online, through a newspaper or by making some posters.

I have a personal experience of my own in regard to an online advertising. Since I was young, I always loved dogs. I love small dogs with short hair because they are cute and adorable. I used to play with my neighbor’s dogs a lot as my parents did allow me to have my own dog. My parents said that there was a lot of work to own a dog and they thought that I was not able to take care of it properly. Now that I live by myself in a small town house, I feel that I am ready to have my own dog. I want to have a small Chihuahua or Pomeranian. I want to get a young puppy so that I can really train it appropriately.

For the last month, I have been searching for a breeder on the newspapers and on the internet. Two days ago, I finally found the puppy that I wanted for a long time. It was a small Pomeranian. I found her on an online free classified. She was up for adoption as the owner who just bought her not long ago had to go overseas for business purposes and he could not take her with him.

I was just so lucky that I spotted that ad on that free online classified. When I saw that ad I contacted the owner straight away to tell him that I have seen his ad and I had felt in love at his puppy after seeing her pictures. Unfortunately, he told me that someone has called him earlier wanting to adopt the puppy and I had called him a little too late. I was so angry and disappointed. I was angry at myself why didn’t I spot that ad earlier. My friends always told me to search on free online classifieds but I never listened to them. I thought who will place ads on online classifieds but I have learned my lessons.

After a few days I have managed to overcome my anger. On that afternoon, my phone rang and I picked it up. It was from the guy who put up that puppy ad. He said that the person who wanted to adopt the puppy had cancelled last minutes and he was asking me if I was still interested in adopting the puppy. I was so trilled and I told him that I was still very much interested.

Now, I am the proud owner of an eight week old puppy and I have named her snowy. She is so lovely and playful. I cannot stop cuddling her. Now, whenever I need some stuff I always look at the online classifieds first to see if there are any good deals out there.

Classifieds are a great marketing medium!

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April 12, 2009, 5:18 am
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What are classifieds? Classifieds are a form of advertising which can be put up in any media such as newspapers, magazines, posters, and etc. This advertising campaign can cost from 0 dollars up to billions of dollars depending on the types and the intensity of the advertising campaign.

A good selection of words or phrases should be used in order to attract people’s attention. Pictures or logos can also be used as advertising materials. The color selection should also be correctly chosen so that it can stand up in the crowd. Black or bright colors may be used to enhance the products, the company’s URL or company’s name that are being advertised.

How creative should we to create an advertising to be put up in magazines or posters? A simple advertising material with two or three sentences can be created as long as it relays a clear message on the thing that is being advertised. If there is a website which people can visit, it should be written in big letters to indicate to people that more information can be found in that website.

Consistencies of the advertising efforts are the key to success. As there is a saying” Rome was not built in a night,” we cannot expect people to notice our advertising campaign straight away. It takes time and efforts to get people’s attention.