Classifieds Market

April 12, 2009, 5:18 am
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What are classifieds? Classifieds are a form of advertising which can be put up in any media such as newspapers, magazines, posters, and etc. This advertising campaign can cost from 0 dollars up to billions of dollars depending on the types and the intensity of the advertising campaign.

A good selection of words or phrases should be used in order to attract people’s attention. Pictures or logos can also be used as advertising materials. The color selection should also be correctly chosen so that it can stand up in the crowd. Black or bright colors may be used to enhance the products, the company’s URL or company’s name that are being advertised.

How creative should we to create an advertising to be put up in magazines or posters? A simple advertising material with two or three sentences can be created as long as it relays a clear message on the thing that is being advertised. If there is a website which people can visit, it should be written in big letters to indicate to people that more information can be found in that website.

Consistencies of the advertising efforts are the key to success. As there is a saying” Rome was not built in a night,” we cannot expect people to notice our advertising campaign straight away. It takes time and efforts to get people’s attention.


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