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Textbook classifieds
May 26, 2009, 3:03 pm
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University’s textbooks are considered very expensive. The price could range from 50 dollars up to 150 dollars. This is one of the many factors why university education has become out of reach for many people. Each student must have at least 3 books each semester to ensure that they would be able to follow the university’s syllabus and do their homeworks.

Some people argue that the cost of education can be reduced by making smart choices such as buying secondhand textbooks. These secondhand textbooks can be found anywhere for example; in the textbook classified ads in any newspapers or any free online classifieds. The price of these second hand textbooks will cost around 30 to 70 dollars depending on the market price and the condition of the textbook itself.

In this textbook classifieds, different textbooks can be found and the buyers are usually able to negotiate the price with the seller of the book. Thus, buying secondhand textbooks through textbook classifieds is the best way to reduce the education costs.


Online safety with classifieds
May 18, 2009, 12:55 pm
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When posting an ad on any form of classified as the advertiser or seller you have to provide at least one contact phone number, email, or address. By doing this you are potentially exposing yourself to spam emails or prank calls. It is highly recommended that this contact number or email is one that could easily be replaced or ditched in case this does happen. Not many advertisers include a landline, unless they are an established business with a phone line dedicated to the daily business enquiries. The best option is to set up an email with a free provider separate to your personal email in order to deal with enquiries if you are selling something, this email can be easily replaced or ditched if people do decide to play any games. If you do use your personal email and it gets filled with spam, then you may be forced to abandon it and open a new email account. This may lead to you loosing your favourite email address. Remember that either advertising in newspaper classifieds can be easily as risky as online, so taking the appropriate precautions is the best way of preventing any problems.

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